Domestic Trace Heating

ETH-ECO Domestic Trace Heating Kit

The INDELEX ETH-ECO range of trace heaters offer a quick and safe frost protection solution designed for domestic applications. The system is DIY friendly and can be used in applications such as the frost protection of loft pipes, outside taps, caravan water pipes etc. The cable is a self-regulating heater, meaning it cannot over-heat, and can be crossed over without fear of damage, making it an ideal product for both plastic and metal pipes.

The system is pre-terminated and comes complete with an inbuilt thermostat, power-on and heater energised LED indicators. All ETH-ECO heaters are supplied with a 1M 3 core cold lead that is ready for connection directly into a fused spur unit or socket. Users simply install a minimum of 13mm pipe insulation around the pipe and the installation is ready (32mm max diameter pipe).

Any excess length can be doubled back along the pipe, or cut off and terminated using the supplied kit.

The inbuilt thermostat ensures the system only operates when needed, and with a power usage of approx 15W/m, the EHT-ECO series provides peace of mind at a low cost.


ETH-ECO Domestic Trace Heating Range | Indelex Heating
ETH-ECO Domestic Trace Heating Power Output | Indelex Heating
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