Frost Protection Trace Heating

ETH-TRACE Frost Protection Heat Trace Cable

The INDELEX ETH-Trace series are CE marked self-regulating parallel heating cables (heating tapes) designed for frost protection in a variety of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous areas. They can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, vessels, tanks and valves.

The series automatically increases or decreases heat output depending on changes in ambient temperature, meaning (for some applications) a thermostat may not be required.

Our range of parallel circuit self-regulating heating cables are inherently temperature safe and can be cut and terminated on-site to suit the required applications.

The ETH-Trace range incorporates our IP67 weatherproof air and pipe sensing thermostats ensuring accurate control and protection of the heating application.

Key features:

 Automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes ensuring energy efficiency
Easy to install and can be cut to any length required on-site with no wasted cable
(subject to maximum circuit length)
 No overheating or burnout, even when wrapped over itself (overlapped)
 Suitable for use in non-hazardous, hazardous or corrosive environments
Lower installed cost than steam tracing with less maintenance expense and downtime

Typical Applications:

 Firewater Mains
Chiller Pipe-Work
 DHW and Heating Pipe-Work
 Carbon Steel Pipelines
Stainless Steel Pipelines
Plastic and Copper Pipelines
Insulated Heating Jackets

The ETH-Trace range of heaters are most suitable for the protection of pipes against freezing in winter, and low temperature maintenance up to 30°C.

The standard range is suitable for use in potentially explosive or hazardous areas, up to a maximum admissible work-piece temperature of 85°C.


Maximum Exposure Temperature:65°C (continuous power on)
Maximum Intermittent Exposure Temperature:85°C (1000 hours, power on or off)
Minimum Installation Temperature:-40°C
Supply Voltage:230v (115v on request)
Bus Wire Size:1.3mm²
Chemical Resistance:Suitable for corrosive environments *

* For specific chemical or atmospheric corrosion resistance requirements please consult with the INDELEX technical sales team

Outerjacket Options
Standard Range:A flame retardant thermoplastic outerjacket protects against certain inorganic
chemical solutions and protects against abrasion and impact damage
High Temperature:A high temperature fluoropolymer outerjacket is used for exposure to organic
or corrosive solutions or where vapours may be present
No Outerjacket:A tinned copper braid provides additional mechanical protection and a positive
ground path
DimensionsMin bending radiusWeight (kg/100m)
No Outerjacket (braided only):11.0 x 4.4mm26mm10.5
Flame Retardant Outerjacket:12.6 x 6.0mm36mm13.8
High Temperature Outerjacket:12.0 x 5.4mm32mm13.0

MCB type C 230v only

ETH-TRACE 10:180200
ETH-TRACE 20:90110
ETH-TRACE 30:7085

For complete information on maximum lengths versus circuit breaker sizes please consult our frost protection trace heating data sheet

for freeze protection of pipes up to minus 20°C

Pipe Diameter
15mm – 54mm76mm89mm114mm168mm219mm273mm100mm
½” – 2″2½”3″4″6″8″10″12″
Insulation Thicknes20mmTrace10n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
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